Monday, February 21, 2011

Bazaar / March 2011:

When the March issue of Bazaar reached our office our hearts skipped a collective beat! Not only were we met with the usual leggy designer clad beauty, but also someone dressed up in a full-body panda costume! The Flaming Lips would be proud. The shoot features looks from some of fashions heavy -hitters which were surely gracing the ladies from the disco days it was inspired by. Chanel, Fendi, Diane Von Furstenberg.....

Check out some of our favorite excerpts from this tour of maxi lengths, 70s decadence, and just plain fun.

Model: Magdalena Frakowiak
Photographer: Terry Richardson
Editor: Mel Ottenberg

Four our take on 70s style pick up your very own Dakota, we L O V E this bag.

Dakota - $76


Friday, February 18, 2011

Magic 2011

If you have been following our tweets you will know that we just came back from the WWD Magic convention where we had such a great time. We got to hang out with some of our favorite bloggers, designers, and most importantly buyers! Buyers are the ones who decide what it is that hits the shelves of your favorite stores and websites and ultimately end up setting (or at least cementing the status of) most of the trends you wear!

During the convention we take our latest lines (in this case Spring and Fall 2011) and set them up in a booth like a little Melie Bianco store while the buyers chat with us about trends and place orders for their stores.

Here are some blurry shots (better shots to come I promise) of the front of our booth featuring Natalie Suarez and Keiko Lynn

Check out some of these quick snap shots of some of our buyers wearing our bags that we captured during the madness at the show.

For an extensive explanation of what the event is, and how the bloggers invited by Teen Vogue spent their time there, check out an awesome recap by ultimate Melie Girl Dylana Suarez (who happened to be wearing the Gwen satchel when she stopped by): Here

Natalie Suarez (natalieoffduty) and Dylana Suarez (colormenana)

All in all it was an absolute B L A S T!!!! More updates to come!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The kids are all bright:

This Spring 2011 trend makers certainly showed their fair share of ethereal white and continued on with the push towards neutrals on the Spring 2011 runways. But over-all it felt like a bit of Crayola fever must have made its rounds during the design process. Bright hues graced everything from hair, garments, jewelery and handbags all the way to nail polish and shoes.

A bright colored handbag is obviously the best choice for getting yourself a little well deserved attention without going overboard, but we especially love it for it's ability to pick up an otherwise tired outfit. Getting sick of your tried and true basics? Just add a pop of color and watch your look transform from old hat into fresh and new!

The Melie Bianco way:

Ariana - $99

Sadie - $84

Annabell - $56

Madison - $76


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Hair:

Refinery29 recently called out their picks for Spring 2011 hair trends. Here are our faves.

Hair Color:

Blonde goes warm metallic, ombres go natural, brown goes cool, and red goes EVERYWHERE:

(All images courtesy of

Hair Styles:

Birkin bangs outdo the Birkin bag, your part takes sides and the low bun shows the top-knot who's boss.

(All images courtesy of

What are you feeling for Spring?


Friday, February 4, 2011

Afternoon Tea:

This past weekend we had a tea party for ourselves and some of our lovely friends. We spiffied up our showroom and put together a menu of unbelievable sweets and eats! Naturally the tea was given top honors on the menu, but it seemed to be its friend champagne that got most of the attention! Check out some photos from the event including some sneak previews of our upcoming Spring 2011 line, our founders Melissa and William, awesome gift bags, and appearances by our good friends Chanelle and Jill!

We had a ton of fun and can't wait for the next one!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Best In Show:

With the turn of the economy has come a definite shift in the fashion world. A shift where well made basics have begun to take the place of daring fantasy pieces and the classic now reigns supreme. It may be hard to see the relevance of Haute Couture during these times, but here it is daring and inspiring us nonetheless. This season couture seems to exist not solely for the elite who dare to purchase it but for the benefit of the rest of the industry who welcome a breath of fresh air to inspire and provide direction. Here are our top picks from some of the industries most celebrated houses...

*images courtesy of


Monday, January 31, 2011

A is for Amazing:

With the nostalgia trend machine in full over-drive it is no surprise that A-line minis (a staple of 60's era YSL and Dior) are back and popping up at retailers world wide. This is a versatile look that works for almost anyone depending on styling choices. Here are two ways to style the same Top Shop skirt which will have you Spring ready whether you are being weekend casual or office professional...

#1 : Picnic in the Park:

Featuring: Maurissa - $96

#2: At the Office:

Featuring: Violet - $94



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